How Attraction Marketing Can Help You Rapidly Grow Your Network Marketing Business

How Attraction Marketing Can Help You Rapidly Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Mentorship platform Elite Marketing Pro hosts a daily training presentation called “Daily Dose of Awesome” (DDOA). This video is from the April 23, 2018 episode. The information, provided by Chief Marketing Officer Ferny Ceballos, is just as applicable today as it was in 2018. For your convenience, I’ve included a synopsis below.

—Bart Rippl

If you’re struggling to build a Network Marketing downline…

…how would you like an unfair advantage?

And how would like to achieve results in HALF the time it would take if only “traditional” prospecting & recruiting methodologies were being used?

(In other words, if it takes you two years to build a substantial downline by (1) hitting up family & friends to join your opportunity, (2) hosting home & hotel meetings and (3) prospecting cold market leads, how would you like to shortcut that runway to less than a year?)

The first step is creating a brand with which people can identify.

And what, precisely, is a “brand”?

According to Ferny, it’s:

  • a following
  • a reputation
  • results
  • investment in yourself AND
  • an investment in helping those who are following you.

The ultimate goal is (1) a large Social Media following and (2) a large email list of people who know, like & trust you.

Would this materially change your business?

Here are the 3 Phases to achieve this:

  1. The Training Wheel Phase: You MUST dedicate some time to developing the necessary skillset which will allow you to grow your business to a 6-figure income. During this phase, you’ll “earn while you learn” by driving traffic to Elite Marketing Pro affiliate products using Social Media sponsored posts.
  2. Building Your Brand: This occurs 3-6 months into the program when you begin to enjoy results & establish a following of people who know, like & trust you. At this point, you’ll take over your own sales funnels as well as your email list. In effect, you’re making this business your own! You’re providing value to others. You’re building relationships. You’re building your reputation. You growing your following. The goal is to have your business firmly established, attracting new leads & recruits daily, within a 12-month period (possibly 18 months).
  3. The “Land The Whales” Phase: When your brand, skills and results begin to significantly expand, you start attracting influencers & leaders within the Network Marketing industry who are now drawn to your success & will want to partner with you. These leaders oftentimes are 6- and even 7-figure earners (hence the term “Whale”). The MLM industry is fluid in that these leaders (1) sometimes become disaffected with their current company, (2) their current company closes its doors or (3) they come out of retirement & are looking for a new game. By building your brand, you can capitalize on these dynamics!

Ferny cites prominent Elite Marketing Pro success stories like Brandy Shaver, Whit & Cari Higham and Julie Burke.

If you’d like to learn more about how to attract people to you & your business, you can take Elite Marketing Pro for a free spin with their 10-Day Online Recruiting Boot Camp.

There are no commitments, no obligations and there is no cash-out-of pocket for you.

You’ll receive an email lesson each day for 10 consecutive days. That’s 10 bite-sized chunks to see if attraction marketing is a good fit.

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Yours in success,

Bart Rippl

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